The Trailhawk, also known as PinoyApache by his handle in the Internet, is a Cebu-based bushcraft and survival enthusiast. He founded Camp Red Bushcraft & Survival Guild in 2010 and organized several grassroots bushcraft activities aimed to impart certain basic survival skills to fellow outdoorsmen.

He is the organizer and training director of the yearly Philippine Independence Bushcraft Camp; and the project director and expedition leader of the on-going Cebu Highlands Trail Project. He is a former club president of the Cebu Mountaineering Society in 2008-2009; an incorporator of the fledgling Mountain Climbers Alliance of the Philippines, Inc.; and is the provisional head of the membership committee of Ham Radio Cebu, Inc.

He teaches bushcraft cooking, nocturnal hunting, spoon carving, knife care and safety, traditional and night navigation, survival tool-making, trailcraft, firecraft, plant ID and uses, snares and traps, shelters and other skills related to tropical bushcraft and survival. Aside those, he instructs people on gun safety and proficiency, abseiling, map reading, outdoors leadership, Leave No Trace, wilderness safety, etc.

He climbed his first mountain at Mt. Daraitan and successfully crossed the swift Daraitan River three times with three different methods despite bouts of hypothermia while training in Rizal in 1988. His reputation for quick thinking and crisp presence of mind earned him membership with the Cebu Mountaineering Society in 1992 after an expedition near-disaster in Mt. Pangasugan, Leyte.

He further expanded his skills in 1993 by attending Single Rope Technique with Habagat Outdoor Equipment; First Aid Responder Training with ERUF; and the Land Navigation & Jungle Survival Orientation with the 3rd Army Training Group, AFP. All these trainings were geared for the purpose of mountain search and rescue operations.

Trail running, rock climbing, abseiling, sinkhole explorations, mountain guiding and solo hiking took hold of him afterward, either through his passion or through sponsorships. He dissolved from the outdoors scene in 1996 after climbing Mt. Apo and made a brave comeback in 2008 by doing a traverse climb of Mt. Dulangdulang and Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon in three days with limited physical preparation and obsolete equipment.

He writes essays, poems, stories, product reviews, opinions, photoblogs and other articles of note which are featured on his personal blog called Warrior Pilgrimage. Through this online journal, he introduces all his outdoor activities, his adventure travels, his advocacy, his home life and his other personal stuff to his blog followers, readers and site visitors.

Currently, he is working on his first book titled ETHICAL BUSHCRAFT - A Manual for Outdoors Safety and Lessening the Impact of the Environment During Leisure Bushcraft Activities in the Philippine Islands and a second book titled A WARRIOR'S PILGRIMAGE: The Making of the Cebu Highlands Trail.

He is married to the former Vilma Mantos of Zamboanga del Sur and is a father to two sons: Charlemagne and Cherokee. He is a former Israeli-trained counter-terrorist operative. He is now on full-time outdoors education.

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