randagio offroad

randagio offroad


Light off road with bmw gs 1200
Moderate off road with ktm exc 400
Urban (Milan) with vespa piaggio 125
On/off with Lada Niva 4x4 (sold)
Actually on shore regattas with patin a vela (Randagio 1717) in Barcelona
Off shore regattas: Giraglia, Middle sea race, Palermo Montecarlo,
On shore regattas: West Liguria, Campionato Carrara, Campionato Spezia, Campionato Tigullio, Trofeo Accademia Livorno, Trofeo Pirelli, Alassio week, Swan cup, Mondiale swan, Copa del rey
Off shore sail transfer: Liguria - Palma di Mallorca
Lovely places with gs 1200: Morocco, Italy, Greece, Romania, South France (Alps & Route de Napoleon), Ukraina, Mallorca, Corse, Sardinia
Best day with gs 1200: ruta de los contrabandista , Andorra, pirineos, in thunderstorm
Lovely places with ktm 400: Castelfollit del boix, Spain
Best day: 2! One in the snow, and the other in electric thunderstorm
My favourite in off road: cross, or follow a river
Lovely places in Lada Niva: Scotland, NC500
Lovely places to sail: Greek Islands, Sardinia, Corse, Croatia, Cote d Azur
Next places: Norway, Scotland again, Morocco again
The best: to start! With some maps, but without a fixed plane and expiration date 🙃

Medlem sedan maj 2018

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  • Cernobbio - Monte di Lenno

    7,61 kilometer - Medel

    i närheten av Cernobbio, Lombardia (Italia)

  • 17 nov

    65,43 kilometer - Medel

    i närheten av Matadepera, Catalunya (España)

  • Las Canteras - Moià

    32,4 kilometer - Medel

    i närheten av Las Canteras, Catalunya (España)

  • 10 nov

    29,99 kilometer - Medel

    i närheten av Callús, Catalunya (España)

  • Cardona 1

    53,73 kilometer - Medel

    i närheten av Castellolí, Catalunya (España)

  • X

    21,52 kilometer - Medel

    i närheten av Callús, Catalunya (España)