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40 m
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i närheten av Şirfah, Karak (Jordan)

This is a semi-remote wadi that is well-worth the drive to reach it. It is lush with greenery: palms, bamboo, lichens and hanging gardens; and the water running through it (and seeping or spilling from the sides) is a pleasant temperature. The rock colouring is also very beautiful. Due to its location, it is likely you will be hiking and exploring alone.
I have uploaded a separate track if you need driving directions to this wadi.


There is a parking lot here. Also there are bathrooms and showers convenient for changing. It is also where you will be greeted to pay the entrance fee (1JD for locals and residents / 5JD for tourists).

Waterfall: Need Rope

At this point the sides of the wadi have formed together above you from minerals in the water seepage (basically a stalactite). You can hear bats overhead who nest in the darkness. The photo shows the boulder where the water drops a few meters. A rope is advised if you want to continue beyond this point.

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    Il reste abordable à tous les âges si on ne fait que la moitié: aller-retour, mais ça vaut le coup de le faire en entier.

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