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i närheten av Sulzau, Salzburg (Austria)

Why worthwhile? Quiet, forest rich environment with beautiful waterfall. Excellent combination with an interesting tour through and old, narrow and dark copper mine. A wonderful experience for both young and old.

Starting point: Past Neukirchen towards Krimml we have to watch out for an exit to the left at kilometre pole 19,0 (near a small forest), signs ‘Sulzau, Sulzbachtäler’. After the Salzachbrücke we go left towards ‘Schiedhof’ 849m. Schiedhof exist out of several Gasthöfer and houses. Here we can also park our car (20 – 25 parking spaces). [Neukirchen 856m. – Oberpinzgau – Pinzgau].

Total time: 1½ hours (without tour Schaubergwerk Hochfeld).

Difficulty Rating: 2

Details: Very beautifully constructed, yet partly steep path through the woods and later on a part supply road towards Schaubergwerk Hochfeld. Even during main season not very busy. The tour through the copper mine is optional but most certainly worth it! Important: good mountain shoes are a benefit. A helmet and an extra coat (it’s pretty chilly in the mine) is provided by the guide. The mine is often low, narrow and dark. One keeps descending after which one climbs up through shafts via stairs. Subscribing to the tour is not mandatory, but is recommended so one doesn’t have to wait for hours! ( (Subscription via tourist office of Neukirchen).

Route description:

We park the car at Schiedhof on one of the available parking spaces. We go south over a supply road towards the edge of the forest. After a few 100m we see a bridge (with a fence) on our left; this is our way back. We go right for a bit and then left up the footpath towards the edge of the forest (Knappenweg). Here we start our climb alongside the waterfall. The pass is well worn out but still pretty steep. At critical points wooden handrails are positioned. During our climb we have a beautiful view of the waterfall (around 11:00h – 12:00h a rainbow is visible at sunny weather!). We come across a broader road and go left here and then at a bench we go further up right (road nr. 18).

Again we go up steeply for a part. After a climb a straight piece follows and then a short descent to a ‘steg’ (a small wooden bridge). Here we cross the Untersulzbach after which another small climb follows. We reach a fork in the road; here we can go left and follow the ‘rundweg’ or go right towards Schaubergwerk Hochfeld. Schaubergwerk Hochfeld is an old copper mine that can be viewed under guidance of a guide).

To Schaubergwerk Hochfeld:
We go right at the fork and follow the path that reaches a supply road after a while. Here we again go right into the valley. After about 1 to 1½ kilometres we reach the Knappenstube 1051m. where we report for a tour through the mine. After the tour we go back to the same fork and with the return way of the ‘rundweg’.

We follow the signs ‘rundweg 18. A forest path, sometimes pretty steep, now descends on the other side of the waterfall. Here we again have a view of the waterfall, but also of the Gross Venediger and Grosser Geiger. At the bottom we reach the bridge with the fence. Now the last bit back to the parking lot follows.

Done in 2004.


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