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i närheten av Tatariv, Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine)

In Ukraine, in the Gorgany range of the Carpathian Mountains, there is a popular hike to the peak of Mt. Khomyak (1542 m / 5059 ft) starting from the road between Tatariv and Bukovel. This is an alternate route to Khomyak — more scenic and generally less steep, but longer. It ascends from Tatariv up a forest road, then climbs steeply but briefly to a ridgeline with views on both sides. It follows this ridge over Hreblya peak (1252 m / 4108 ft) then meets the main trail below the treeline on Khomyak. After summiting, you can descend on the main trail (south) as we did, descend on the north side of the mountain past the 15-meter Zhenetsky waterfall, or continue further west along the open ridgeline over Mt. Sinyak (1665 m / 5,463 ft) as far as Bukovel.

Read more about trail options here: http://guide.karpaty.ua/ru/places/gora-khomyak.

Useless but interesting fact: Khomyak translates as hamster. Sinyak means bruise!

Trailhead and gate

The trail is an 80-minute drive or 2 hour bus ride from Ivano Frankivsk. Coming into Tatariv, cross a bridge over the railroad tracks and take an immediate right on a dirt road. Follow this road up (NW) through the village along the power lines. We started hiking at a guest house, Sadiba Chertizh, but you can drive to the edge of the forest at 850 m/2800 ft.

Beech and maple forest

The trail climbs gently on a rutted road through a beech and maple forest until ending at a cell phone installation.

Cell tower landmark

Where the road ends at the 3 cell towers, it can be tough to find the trail. Look for it on the left behind the last cell tower (pictured). The trail is narrow but well-marked with red ribbons.

Red ribbons mark the trail

The trail climbs steeply here as the beech forest changes over to pine. It crests the ridge after a (100 m / 320 ft) ascent. If you lose the faint trail here, just climb straight up until you reach the top of the ridge where you'll find the ridge trail.

Top of ridge line, first partial view

When you reach the spine of the ridge, there are the first partial views north and south. Enjoy them, but there are better views ahead. It took us 75 minutes to climb to this point. From here it is a gentle walk until the trail junction on Khomyak.

Flysch rocks on ridge and peaks

The top of the ridge often opens into debris fields of loose flysch rocks for which the Gorgany range is known. Beyond Khomyak, the entire top of the ridge is an open rocky field offering stellar views.

Hreblya peak (1252 m / 4108 ft)

Hreblya peak is 1252 m / 4108 ft, with views north and south. Hoverla, the highest peak in Ukraine, is visible to the south (center of this photo).

View of Khomyak

A large talus debris field on the ridge gives good open view of Khomyak peak.

Shortcut trail (not recommended)

At the end of the last ridge top debris field, it can be hard to find the trail. Don't follow our route here - we ended up on a side trail. Best to continue straight (parallel with the ridge) up the slope ahead.

Main trail to use for descent

This is the main hiking trail for Khomyak. You can use to descend to Highway 9.

Trail junction


Tree line


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