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i närheten av Shāh, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

The hiking is beginning in the same point where is finishing.
The walking path last 13 Km.
Unfortunately to find the proper starting point i tuned on the App on the main street and i forgot to reset it before begin.

I left Dubai at 5.30. No traffic for all the way, perfect.
I reached the starting point around 7.30.
I did it alone starting around 8.30 am. It is a long round.

In my bag-pack 1.5L water, light wind jacket, almonds, figs, sun-cream , sun glasses.
GPS Garmin and Handy with WIKILOC App, Battery charger (all devices were ko at the end).

The first part of the Path is inside at the main Wadi, really easy to follow. Really beautiful and nice. Kids friendly (up 5 years).
To make it easier you have red dot on the rocks and steirs where the path is getting harder.

Once you reach the Palm old Village is the moment to climb up to the Top.
You will meet a big village with huge plain old field where you can camp, walk through them, I didn't have find any proper path, just walked around.
Going on you reach another point, with geometric yellow stones put in a particular order, it looked to me as a cemetery. Suggestive.
You go through it in the direction of the mountain in from of you, on the left you will find a path, i built up some "Ometti" (=little stone's towers, 3 stones one on the other to sign the way).
You are walking in the middle of big cube stones. Special.
Again some old climb up the last ramp and you reach a Top.

Once you are on the Top, enjoy a View, put on your Wind jacket, have a snack and...

Here you have the choice, go back on the same way or go on.

From this point find the way is getting harder and you are at 1\3 of the path.

The view is and will stay great but…
Very important to know.
You have a path random and just for a part of the way back, for the rest you have literally to walk widely in the middle of the rolling stones. (I hate it!)
It is unpleasant and dangerous.
You need good stability and muscles to control your body for don’t fall.
To not to do from here with kids.
To not to do with a big group of people, mostly if they aren’t expert and they aren’t able to avoid to make stones rolling. You risk that some rolling stones pump you.
You can see other two villages, no path is there.
You can reach them walking on the left (not exposed way, a lot rolling stones) or walking on the right (really exposed way, any rolling stones, great view, what i did).
Once you reach the village on the right you will find a Donkey path, you will recognize that because you will be able to see goats footprint & human ones.
That is really important!!!
All around you have a lot of goats-path with bring you nowhere, to one yummy three and water-path eich looks lovely but water can jump, you not, they bring you to a waterfalls.

Finded the Donkey path you will climb down really fast.
You will reach another old field.
From there not path anymore.
Here begin your rolling stones adventure.
Focus on the wadi down hill and try to follow the direction.
I walked in a little secondary wadi, I do prefer compact stone to climb down insidea rolling stones skiing.

Once you reach the Wadi you will find another path.

Enjoy your hiking.
Adi Ananda


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