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i närheten av Matura, Sangre Grande (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

A captivating attraction is Manulot Falls located upstream in the heart of the Matura Forest. What makes this falls remarkably beautiful is that it flows from a tributary over a smooth limestone escarpment into the main river–course. At the base, a plunge pool formed by the kinetic energy of the two rivers. In the rain season when the water flow is greater, the picturesque scenery of the Cascade resembled that of a curtain and situated beneath the overhang an underwater chamber. The river source originated from the sandstone region of Cumaca, and Aripo and deposited on the walls of the falls are layers of sedimentary rock.

The journey to Manulot will take about three hours, and the walk is just as scenic as th...e falls in itself. The first leg is a two-hour trek through the Matura forest on a flat, winding path that leads down to the river. The trail passes through lush pine and beautiful mountain flora replanted by the Forestry Division to upkeep the landscape. During the dry season, the area exposed too many bush fires, and the pine trees protect as well as beautify the forest. The second leg of the exploration continues upstream along the riverbank, with the option to splash in the countless basins along its path. During the month of February noticeable flowers that blossom in the forest are the Mountain Rose (Brownea Coccinea) and Black Stick (Pachystachys Cccinea) both plants have red petals. The mountain slopes decorated with the brilliant orange flowers of the immortelle trees (Erythrina Poeppigiana) which signify the beginning of the dry season.

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    Samuel Furlonge 2015-mar-02

    GPS malfunctioned slightly giving different routes for the same portion along the river. This may have been of as a result of the waterproof bag it was placed in. It would also have affected the barometric altitude data for the river portion. It resulted in me missing the trail coming back and having to go back upriver to meet with the main bunch of hikers. It is a good thing I did as they took another trail out i.e at the 3.7 mile or 9.3 mile markers. This river is really a beautiful scenic one with lots of great plunge pools. I spotted a river otter eating a fish on a log across the river, but was too tired to reach into my backpack to photograph it.

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