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i närheten av Misurina, Veneto (Italia)

Why worthwhile? The Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Drei Zinnen) is something you have to have seen! Tip: start on time in the morning (08:00 at the latest) to avoid the (mass-)tourism (and stay ahead).

Starting point: Rifugio Auronzo (2320m), accessible via the Drei Zinnen Panoramastrasse (tolweg) from Misurina. [Misurina (1756m) – Belluno, Italy]

Time: 2¾ – 3½ hours.

Difficulty Rating: 2 (Shortcut Paternsattel: 3)

Details: the first part until shortly before Rifugio Lavaredo is easy across a wide, gradual ascending path. After the short cut to the Paternsattel up steeply across gravel and flint (an alternative is possible). Sometimes steep descents to Rifugio Locatelli. From here a 2nd descent follows (Rienzboden) and a 2nd (sturdy) climb (Col Forcellina). Last part without problems across a good mountain path.

Route description:

From one of the parking lots at the end of the “Drei Zinnen Panoramastrasse” we walk to “Rifugio Auronzo”. From here on we follow the wide path (road no. 101 / 104) towards “Rifugio Lavaredo”: This first path lays alongside the south side of the Drei Zinnen. Going past “Capelle di Alpini” we walk towards Rifugio Lavaredo. Several tens of meters before Rifugio Lavaredo we go left, up a small gravel path. That way we walk over the top towards the “Paternsattel” (2454m) (an easier way is to keep following the wide path past Rifugio Lavaredo).

From the Patternsattel we have a first look at the famous north side of the Drei Zinnen. We again follow the wide path (road no. 101) pas the west flank of the “Paternkofel”. We can already see “Rifugio Locatelli” (Drei Zinnen Hütte). After a descent, right below Rifugio Locatelli and right before a fork in the road (road signs) we go right, up across a old war path (WO I) (steep climb) and soon reach the cabin.

From the mountain cabin we continue in western direction (road no. 102 / 105). We descend to the left to a fork in the road. Here we keep going down to the right. At the next fork we follow road no. 102 / 015 towards “Forcella Col di Mezzo” and “Rifugio Auronzo”. In a branch of road no. 102 and 105 we keep following road no. 105 (Rifugio Auronzo).

A sometimes steeper descent across gravel and flint brings us to a green alp underneath a higher rock formation (“Rienzboden”). Now a sturdy climb across artistically constructed “steps” towards “Col Forcellina” (2232m) follows. Passing here we descend a bit again towards an alp cabin. We pass it on the left and go up again towards a mountain ridge. Once there continue in southern direction crosswise over the steep west flank of “Sasso di Landro” to a 2nd mountain ridge: “Forcella di Mezzo” (2315m). Again we keep left, partially across alp meadows we walk back to the Rifugio Auronzo and the parking lots.

Done in 2005.


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