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i närheten av Tasiilaq, Sermersooq (Grenlandia)

Challenging and Beautiful Trail around Mittivakkat Glacier in East Greenland

This Trail starts in Tassilaq (formerly Ammassalik) around the glacier on the east side and back on the west side.

The markings on this trail are very infrequent and scarce. You must not try to go on this trail without a GPS and a map.
The latest available Card material is from 1996 and since then the landscape has changed a lot. Only taking the map is therefore pretty inadequate. We recommend to also bring the latest GPS Version additionally.

The whole trail covers very different terrains and you will have to cross several mountains, rivers and the glacier. There are no bridges and the water is ... icy.
Because of the weather and the very rough terrain even robust equipment will be put to a test here.

Due to the constantly changing landscape you will often have to find an alternative route. Before you cross the glacier or a snowfield you must ALWAYS check the bearing capacity. When in doubt: Take a loopway!
If you want to be able to truely enjoy the trail, take a mosquito net to cover your head. (Unfortunately we only got ours after the trail and you don't want to that, believe it ;)).

Most of the passages require a sure foot, absolute abscence of vertigo, good balance and a little climbing experience.
Wichtiger Punkt um den Korrekten Abstiegspunkt zu finden da sonst nicht möglich! Important Point to find the correct start for the descent. Not possible otherwise.


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