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Koordinater 1873

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i närheten av Ljothed, Dalarnas Län (Ruoŧŧa)

Magnificent walk through this old woods, farms from 1600's and the nice waterfalls in river Aman.
  • Bild av River crossing
River crossing. Very slippery!!
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  • Bild av Waterfalls 2
  • Bild av Geocache
Find it!! ;-)
  • Bild av Bridge
Don't know where it takes... Follow right path through picnic (free shelter waypoint) area.
  • Bild av Free shelter
  • Bild av Info Point
Angens fab wood sign.
Cross road, follow straight...
  • Bild av Angen
Angen fab...
Go left walking through gravel road.
Cross gravel road.
Cross gravel road.
  • Bild av Skraddar-Djurberga
  • Bild av Info Point
Turn right after river crossing.
  • Bild av Info Point
Skraddar-Djurberga farming information pannel.
Follow straight through gravel road.
Follow south.


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