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Moving time  3 timmar

Tid  3 timmar 22 minuter

Koordinater 2288

Uploaded den 8 september 2019

Recorded september 2019

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130 m
92 m
13,24 km

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i närheten av Skälmershult, Blekinge (Ruoŧŧa)





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    w0utert 2020-sep-19

    I have followed this trail  verifierade  View more

    Nice and peaceful environment, But not quite ‘middle of nowhere’ and most of the trail is on roadway that is also accessible to cars. During the whole hike we did not encounter a single car though, so the hike feels like you have the whole trail to yourself.

    That said, The off-road sections do not really seem to be part of an official, maintained trail, and right now (September 2020), most of the sections that stray from the car-accessible roads are almost entirely overgrown, not easily recognizable and/or pretty much impenetrable. We were not able to complete the original loop not an alternative loop with some backtracking, and had to turn back and return the same way we came.

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