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9,47 km

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422 m



Max elevation

453 m


43 3,7

Min elevation

273 m

Trail type

  • Bild av Showkah Dam Full Loop
  • Bild av Showkah Dam Full Loop
  • Bild av Showkah Dam Full Loop
  • Bild av Showkah Dam Full Loop
  • Bild av Showkah Dam Full Loop
  • Bild av Showkah Dam Full Loop

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28 juni 2019


juni 2019
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453 m
273 m
9,47 km

Visad 1400 gånger, ladda ned 78 gånger

i närheten av Sharīyah, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

Search on Google Maps for "Wadi Showka Dam Park"
Parking Spot here.
25.104378, 56.042166
There are Restrooms too. Small park for Kids and Family area available nearby.
Barbecue facility is also there in the Wadi section close to the park.

Just after the Dam, at the start of the Hike, they have constructed a tall Cemented Staircase with 868 Steps all the way to the top summit with a big View point.
Please make it a point climb all these steps and the views are great from the top.
You can see the Dam, the Park and Wadi Showkha itself.

Then you have choices of continuation.
You could come down 80% of the steps to start the original trail or else you could continue from the view point towards the East, get down the mountain and move to East on the Trail.

There are lots of options here.

The trail recorded here is the Moderate Full loop with maximum elevation gain possible, but you can play with trails links within the area to shorten the hike etc.
Steep hike at 3 locations, which can be managed with patience and care.
Carry minimum 3 liters water.
No resting place in shade on the Trail, they have constructed 8 shelters for breaks.
Most of the trail exposed to sun.
Carry your own precautions.
They are nice view points too.
Good exercise.

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