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i närheten av Kvikkjokk, Norbotten (Ruoŧŧa)

June2016, enjoying the midnight sun in the wilderness at a slow pace.

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  • bobmaertens1983 2017-jun-18

    Nice tour! Can you describe(short : ) ) the route till your third bivouac? Is it a nice forest? Are there no difficult river fordings? I am going in september 2017 so the water levels will probably be lower than during your trip in july.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Bild av weekend4ever

    weekend4ever 2017-jun-20

    We hiked upstream and always along the eastern shore of the river. It was at that time uncrossable at least for us. The side streams were no problems to ford. The landscape, the river, the flowers and the trees and everything was absolutely beautiful. The bushwaking was also no problem because of many animal paths. No other people for 8 days.

  • bobmaertens1983 2017-jun-20

    Thanks for the info. Helps a lot!!

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