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i närheten av Tyresö Strand, Stockholm (Ruoŧŧa)

Easy walk on good game trails in varying forest types. Flat rock pine forest, hazel bush grove and oak meadows.
  • Bild av Trail starts
Take left from the walk and bike path, up the hill and cross into the forest.
  • Bild av Take left
Take left, up the slope and into the flat rock forest. Several parallel trails, just keep general direction.
  • Bild av Intersection in ravine
Continue straight through the intersection
  • Bild av Flat rock forest
Continue straight through the flat rock forest. There are often roe deers and fallow deers around
  • Bild av Major trail intersection
  • Bild av Major trail intersection
Here are 5 -6 trails in an intersection. You will see your trail standing on the rounded rock, it's a smaller trail leading towards south.
  • Bild av Take right
Take off to the right from the tail, in the left bend
Veiw over the Magnusson's meadows and Uddby farm
  • Bild av Back to a major trail
Depending on your choice of parallel trail - take left or like on the picture continue straight
  • Bild av Follow riding track to the left
Follow riding track to the left for 50 m and continue straight though the hazel grove and onto the field
  • Bild av Fence crossing on the ladder
There could be animals grazing on the fields. Don't worry, it's ok to cross.
  • Bild av Exit the meadows
Exit the meadows in the north west corner and follow the stream. Just before the fence, on your right, there's an owl nest about 15 m up a aspen tree.
  • Bild av Beaver hut
A beaver hut on the island in the pond


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