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i närheten av Mäste, Kronobergs Län (Ruoŧŧa)

Nice walk through forests, river and lake.
Turn left
Vrå kyrka

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  • SofieVr 2017-sep-11

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Today we followed this track. We started at the church in Vrå and started towards the east. Soon we noticed the trail was really wet but with some jumps it was easy to follow the track.
    But then around the creek they had cut down a large part of the forest. They were nice enough to leave the trees with the orange route marking, but the truck trails we had to conquer were very difficult. With all the rain of the past few days, it was one large mud pool.
    But we managed to pass this part and started to enjoy the rest of the trail. In Maste however, the trail was completely flooded. It seemed like the river and the lake got out of the shore. We could not pass so we got back from Maste to Vrå using the car road.
    In dryer circumstances we could see that this would be a very nice trail with many different scenes. Hopefully a nice new path will be created at the part where they cut down the forest.

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