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i närheten av Mässbacken, Dalarnas Län (Ruoŧŧa)

Easy walk through beatifull woods ending in imponent waterfalls.
  • Bild av Amatjarn sign
Cross the bridge.
Massbacken Info Point and parking.
I didn`t know it was possible to arrive here by car... Nice place to rest or picnic... or a siesta!!
Walk through paved road.
  • Bild av Picnic area
Go to left orange doted path to watch waterfalls, carefull if humid. Very slippery.
Red signed BAD indication, very small. It's possible to continue straight, I did that path in my way back.
  • Bild av Skattungbyfaltet Info Point
Turn left, through gravel road.
  • Bild av Stortupet Info Point
Or continue straight (gravel road) to nice picnic area. 300 meters.
  • Bild av Train bridge view
Continue left signed path to Angen old farms or go to paved road. It takes to the same place but faster.
Left (signed) to gravel road...


    You can or this trail