• Bild av Lumber Lane & Edith Falls Trails.
  • Bild av Lumber Lane & Edith Falls Trails.
  • Bild av Lumber Lane & Edith Falls Trails.
  • Bild av Lumber Lane & Edith Falls Trails.
  • Bild av Lumber Lane & Edith Falls Trails.
  • Bild av Lumber Lane & Edith Falls Trails.

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i närheten av Petit Bourg, Diego Martin (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

During the Second World War the entire Chaguaramas Peninsula on the island of Trinidad was used as a United States Armed Forces Base. It was during this time that well over 1 million gallons of fuel was stored in underground tanks throughout various locations on the peninsula. The Historic Lumber Lane Trail leads past one such fuel storage facility.
I started this trail at the corner of the Macqueripe Mail Road and the Western Main Road at 10.68986°N -61.60946°W. The Lumber Lane Historical Trail starts at 10.69106°N -61.60995°W. This trail is very easy and very clearly marked. There is an initial very short uphill trek that continues as a walk along the ridge. All along the trail you would encounter various “control values” that were used when the underground fuel storage facility was fully operational. In fact, in some places I reckon that you are still able to smell the fuel. Be aware that there is an outrageous amount of mosquitoes along this trail. I find "Off!" works best. The Chaguaramas Development Authority has done a lovely job at maintaining this trail (as they have with all the other trails that make up the Chaguaramas National Park) and they even have most of the trees labeled with both their local and scientific names. There is a lovely picnic area that has concrete benches and a very good view of Williams Bay, the Gulf of Paria, and the Five Islands at 10.69113°N -61.61065°W. On a clear day from this vantage point you are almost certain to get a good view of the rest of the Western coastline of Trinidad well beyond San Fernando. The trail exits back out to the Macqueripe Mail Road at 10.69376°N -61.61198°W. From here you follow the Macqueripe Mail Road to the Edith Falls Golf Course Road at 10.71354°N -61.60945°W. This area is also quite picturesque and full of wildlife. You will most certainly encounter lots of different bird species and howler monkeys along here. It makes for a lot of very good pictures.
The Edith Falls trail starts just beyond the Golf Course at 10.72584°N -61.62058°W. This trail is very easy, clearly marked and straightforward. There are quite a lot of mosquitoes along this trail as well so be aware and take the necessary precautions. Edith Falls is a "spray type" waterfall and flows only in the “rainy season” that runs from late June to about the end of December or so. There is still a very small flow in the “dry season.” The falls is located at 10.72056°W -61.62835°W.
Happy Trails.

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    Very nice trail combination... Easy enough to be attainable for anyone of any fitness level...

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