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i närheten av Aandqet, Aakkâr (Lebanon)

Lmt section A1 3and2et - kobayyet,
Went to 3ad2et by taxi at night, tried to camp but was requested by the local municipality to sleep in a hostel, for our security. It would be best if you call in a day before to let them know you are coming as this is what they expect from visitors "dayf 3al day3a" :)
It was the adventure at night, eventually we met an amazing person who invited us to his home, where we slept.

We carried camping gear water and food for 4 days, and camped in a safe place, under a beautiful tree with a water source where we bathed in amazing cold water

We got the GPS track from Lmt association, were we followed the latest updated version,

This section of Lebanon is very beautiful

(I give away all my tracks in order to spread the love of my country Lebanon
if you find trash on the way, please pick it up, help keep clean :)

Camp 1


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