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i närheten av João Frino, Madeira (Portugal)

The Levada do Pico dos Iroses was established from the beginning of the settlement of the parish of Gaula, still in the fifteenth century, the same century as the possession of the island of Madeira. Infiltrations and great puddles have been created probably due to a speed reduction of the old levada excavated in the ground when crossing a wide flat zone. These gentle clusters of water gave rise to nurseries of eels. This place was given the name of Chão das Águas Mansas (Ground of the Cam Waters) and the adjacent mountain was given the name of Pico dos Eiróis or Pico dos Iroses (Eels Peak). It is concluded that the passage of the levada was responsible for the toponymic origin of these sites. Throughout the centuries the spelling of this peak and levada was varied, varying between Eiróis, Iróis, Eirozes, Heroes, Hiróis and Iroses.

This levada has its origin in Meia Serra Gaulesa, capturing the water of Ribeira dos Vinháticos, Ribeira da Serra de Água and sources of Cabeço
dos Ladrões and Cabeço da Pedreira.

In 2008, the construction of the Lagoa das Águas Mansas was completed, with a capacity of 214,000 cubic meters. Fed by the Levada do Pico dos Iroses it is a strategic reserve for irrigation of much of the eastern part of the island of Madeira.

Lagoa das Águas Mansas is one of the five largest water reservoirs in Madeira:
Lagoa de Aguas Mansas (214,000m3)
Portela (100,000 m3)
Santo Serra (800,000 m3)
Ponta Pargo (100,000 m3)
Paul da Serra (500,000 m3)

If you have a 4WD vehicle you can start this route next to the Lagoa das Águas Mansas.
You will go through the last kilometers of Levada do Pico dos Iroses until you reach its source.
Just above the source you will find a small waterfall and a pond.

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    derfeger 2017-jun-16

    Schöne Levadatour, ihr müsst unbedingt zum hochlaufen die ausgespülten Feldwege benutzten. Wir nahmen die Wasserrinne des Beckens, Saugefählich wenn man reinfällt und viele Dornen und Gestrüpp. Juni 2017 https://pt.wikiloc.com/trilhas-trekking/levada-do-pico-das-eirozes-ou-gaula-ribeira-da-boaventura-17922831/photo-11310621

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