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25 december 2008


december 2008
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i närheten av Coroico, La Paz (Bolivia)

A walk through the wildest valley of the Coroico area, a green canyon cut off from the rest of the world. Hidden deep inside are the ruins of what must have been an important Inca trail: meters high walls supporting a still existing platform, a wide trail carved into the sheer canyon wall. Nobody knows where it really ends, we can only go up to a former bridge, where the canyon is just meters wide.

A 4 hour 30 (total time, not including breaks) walk not mentioned in any tour book, starting in Yolosa, the village where the Dead Road ends. Apart from the Inca trail and overwhelming nature, you’ll see former gold mines, you might go for a swim in the river and you’ll have good chances to see some strange wild animals.

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  • Bild av BrightintheWorld

    BrightintheWorld 16 okt. 2018

    Jag har följt den här leden  verifierade  Läs mer

    Very is cool trek through some dense jungle. Lots of birds and butterfly’s.We passed a farm coop along the way and the workers warned us the last hour would be dense jungle, and suggested a machete. It path looked passable, but add more time than you’d expect (we did not make it to the end).
    The ruins must be right at the end because we did not see them.

    -walking from Coroico, I’d say the whole thing would take 6 to 6 1/2hrs (there and back to Yolosa)
    - you can take a colectivo to Yolosa and just start there (otherwise you walk down the road an hour from coroico)
    - pretty much follow the river, the map route is not exact but the path you’ll follow is mostly clear
    - lots of water, it’s hot and humid in the jungle

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