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881 m
10,89 km

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i närheten av Kongsvoll, Sør-Trøndelag (Norge)

Beautiful route. We picked this route to find the Muskusos in the Dovrefjell- sunndalsfjeffa national park. You can parked the car near the road. Cross the road to start. Take warm clothes with you. It can be cold. Also keep a safe distance from the muskusos of at least 200meter.

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  • Bild av Estemy

    Estemy 2017-jan-26

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    First there is a pretty steep climb but the rest of the hike is a breeze. We saw friendly local horses, but the musk ox avoided us till on our way back. Then some fellow hikers told us where to look for them (on the side of the mountain you could see a black dot, that's all you could see, they were that far away). We got some pictures of them with the zoom on the max on our camera (30x) and on the photo's you can clearly see 3 musk ox walking around. While with the bare eye could see almost nothing. Still, I suppose, you could say that we did see them :) I managed to go down to the river and collect some of their fur (which had gotten stuck on the plants) which was amazingly soft. Very beautiful local scenery!

  • gianbonny 2018-jul-24

    Where can I park the car ?
    Is the park free?

  • Bild av Ralph Wagemans

    Ralph Wagemans 2018-jul-24

    When you download the gps data, you will see the starting point. There is a parking next to the road and it is all free.

  • gianbonny 2018-jul-24

    Is the travel time referred only one way or even to the return?

  • Bild av Ralph Wagemans

    Ralph Wagemans 2018-jul-24

    It's the total trip. And also include the time to rest and take pictures.

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