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i närheten av Endoinet, Arusha (Tanzania)

Summit assent, whole way up the face was via switch back trails and peaked at Gillmans Point then traversed to Stella Point (other assent point) then continued to Uhura Peak and completed my quest. Once again I had no elevation effects.
We descended much quicker then the accent by pretty much running/sliding down the face.

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    Although Rongai in general is a very quiet route Kibo camp pretty busy as other routes converge there. Set off at midnight, pitch black on loose scree, first time I really needed to use walking poles. Altitude makes breathing very rapid even though the pace is slow. Bouts of nausea make it very difficult to eat and drink - drinking water is essential though. This is the part were you have to be mentally strong to continue for 7+ hours. Reach Gilman's point on the crater rim as the sun starts to rise. At this point you are asked if you are well enough to continue to the summit or wish to head back down. After a very short break there is a further couple hours around the crater rim, watch for ice under foot. At the summit there are great views of the ice glaciers.

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