• Bild av Kangia Ice Fjord Bay
  • Bild av Kangia Ice Fjord Bay
  • Bild av Kangia Ice Fjord Bay
  • Bild av Kangia Ice Fjord Bay
  • Bild av Kangia Ice Fjord Bay
  • Bild av Kangia Ice Fjord Bay

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i närheten av Ilulissat, Avannaata (Grenlandia)

- Fjord Sightseeing -

There are several possibilities how to start this trail. One possibility is to cross the Ilulissat Dog-Compounds. This way you reach the Ice Fjord behind the more touristic spots.

You follow the trail just above the icefijord for a while. Also here are different paths on different Levels over the icefjord which you can choose. All the way you have a spectacular view on and over the icebergs.
For the second part of the trai thel scenery changes completly as you turn away from the Fjord over the hills towards the hut.Although you can only see the Fjord from time to time appearing to your right or behind you, the landscape ist still very beautiful. Quite near to the hut you can see the Fjord appearing in front of you for the first time. At one Point you even have an almsost 270° view on the Fjord around you.

The hut is open (like most huts in greenland) and you can rest there. Unfortunately you can't see the Fjord from the Windows of the hut but it's only some meters down to the shore. If you have the equioment you can heat your own iceberg-water.

The way back is exactly the same in revers but the nearer you come back to Ilulissat the more trails you can choose from. A pretty alternative is the "UNESCO" Trail, which follows the Fjord until much closer to the City and you return to the starting point on a pretty plank Roadway.

The terrain gets more and more difficult the further away you are from Ilulissat. It is advisable to wear hiking boots that cover your ankles, also there are some passages where you will need to cross a river or climb a few rocks to continue.

Bay Ice Fjord



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  • TM_ 2020-aug-30

    As of August 2020, the hut is being rebuilt and it looks like the new one will have a lock on the front door. Don't expect to be able to stay there without checking with the locals in town.

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