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1 593 m
826 m
13,42 km

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i närheten av El Mchété, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Sections of new trails were followed in Jabal Moussa. Amazing loop starting from Mcheti entrance (1072 m) till Qehmez entrance (1419 m, moderate ascent) via the roman stairs. From Qehmez, we took "Baydar El Chok" trail up to Qornet el Mzaar (1592 m, Highest point in Jabal Moussa). From Qornet el Mzaar, we went back down then to the right at the first intersection (check waypoint). The trail to the Cross (1391 m) is relatively new and offers amazing sceneries. From the Cross, we followed the trail down to Mar Geryes/Yahchouch (950 m) (moderate long descent). From Mar Geryes, we took the trail to the left that leads to Nahr El Dahab. Just before reaching the river (826 m), we took the trail to the left up to "Qornet el Bayda, 1350 m (New beautiful trail/ moderate long ascent). From Qornet el Bayda, we continued on the well-known Hadrian incline trail down to Mcheti church. This loop is not technically difficult but requires a good fitness level (Total Ascent around 1200 m, 13.5 km). Enjoy Lebanon's beauty. Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footsteps!
Highest point in jabal moussa around 1600 m

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  • Bild av Sami Beydoun

    Sami Beydoun 2018-jun-10

    You are right this is an amazing loop for a full day hike taking you to different sides of the mountain with breathtaking views

  • Benjamin Lauritsen 2019-jun-29

    I have followed this trail  verifierade  View more

    Really cool trail with fun features on it! A with note is that there are a lot of trails in the areas that allow you to switch things up. We did almost a 5 mile loop instead of 9. Really awesome place for a day hike!

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