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i närheten av Drottningholm, Stockholms Län (Ruoŧŧa)

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Stockholms skärgård

Det finns 30 000 skäl att lära känna ett område strax utanför den svenska huvudstaden: de 30 000 öarna och öarna i den berömda skärgården.
Detta otroligt fascinerande landskap utanför Stockholm förför dig att flyga i några timmar eller dagar, särskilt under sommarmånaderna i staden.
Och samtidigt finns fläckar av sten, sten och sand, ibland tuffa bara några meter från översvämningen, vad gäller variation och storlek. Så är det väldigt små att ha några träd eller buskar att hitta, medan de större är sanna tillflyktsorter för naturälskare .... du trivs här den rena oändliga frid och storhet i himmel och hav .... och om du har tur , den varma gästfriheten av en inbjudan på fjorden.

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Drottningholms Slott




Edsviken Guesthouse


Mälaren Fjord


Royal Reservat

8 kommentarer

  • tfou 2019-feb-24

    Nice walk ! We took the bus instead of walking along the road (many buses, even on sunday)

  • martina.s.1981 2019-apr-13

    Schöne Wanderung. Nur leider am letzten Waypoint von einer sehr unfreundlichen Schwedin von ihrem privaten Grundstück verscheucht. Ist wohl kein offizieller Weg. Daher lieber außenrum den Weg gehen...

  • Frank_furillo 2019-maj-04

    Just a note to prospective hikers. This route goes through private property and the Edsviken Guest house is not a guest house, but indeed our family home. You can not walk through here! Please update or delete this route to reflect a valid hiking route

  • Frank_furillo 2019-maj-04

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Please do not use this trail. It passes through private property and the owners are not happy with groups passing through their gardens. Please respect this! This trail should be deleted or update to reflect proper conditions

  • Bild av dr_hrg

    dr_hrg 2019-maj-05

    Hello Frank Furillo,
    Thank you very much for your hint.

    Our entire tour is over 10 kilometers long.
    Which section of the path is related to your garden?
    How long is the route through your garden?

    Yes, there are signs in the area of ​​Drottningholms Slott (you can see that in one of our photos). This area may not be entered. Along this zone there is always a nice path for the hikers. We did not enter this garden. Is it in this area? That can not be it, right?

    We have no further signs, barriers or fences on the entire track detected. (In July 2015) What has changed?

    We often walk in the wonderful nature in Sweden. Especially we respect the Swedish Everyman's Law (allemansrätten) - "Do not disturb anyone and destroy nothing".
    We are happy about the always warm openness of the Swedes and therefore we would like to observe the rules during our hikes:


    We ask for support
    Best regards from Germany

    PS: Why do you give 1 star?
    Did you follow the route?
    Is not the way easy?
    Is the landscape of your living space not beautiful for you?
    Please be realistic in the interest of our community.

  • Frank_furillo 2019-maj-05

    The most southern tip of this trail passes through private property. If you disconnect this part and delete the waypoint Edsviken guesthouse, it would be much better. You can then reconnect the trail via the road that passes outside this private area.

    I am well aware that Allemansrätten permits you to cross over private property, but only as long as you are observing proper discretion. Passing 1-2 meters from our house is not discrete.

    Thanks for your reply

  • Bild av dr_hrg

    dr_hrg 2019-maj-09

    The GPS routes recorded by our hiking community have no legally binding cartographic meaning. There is also no obligation to follow these routes to 1- 2 meters exactly.
    It is just the record of a path whit that has gone by the hiker. You can imagine it as it does with a photo.

    Yes, it is true, in the real world, there are always changes in the years thereafter. On this ways are also created new residential areas, roads, nature reserves, golf courses, bridges ...

    In Wikiloc we have recorded about 12 million routes. It is not our concern to somehow incorporate such changes that take place later in the real world. Just as you would do it not with an old photo.
    For such information we use the hint possibility below the routes. Just as we are doing here. So the community is now aktuell sufficiently informed.
    I'm sure the hikers will respect the Swedish Everyman's Law (ansansrätten):


    You say that at the "nice little hut on the lake" (Waypoint) your house is now built with a garden. Nevertheless, many hikers go cross through because they follow exakt my GPS track to 1 - 2 meters ? Strange.
    Try making a small sign or stringline on your private property line that everyone can see. I am shure, the hikers will then walk outside border your garden and follow the road that passes outside yours private area.
    On our route is also the slottgarden of the royal family. She also did it soand it is respected
    Best regards

  • Frank_furillo 2019-maj-09

    I understand now that you do not really respect the Allemansrätten, you only use it as a "right of way". This is not the meaning and people like you erode the intention of this old Swedish tradition. Your route passes closely by our home and you even allow yourself to take your photograph resting at our beach house. Shame on you if really believe that this Swedish tradition is to be abused in this way. You surely wouldn't like that happening to you. Please delete or update your route.

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