• Bild av Hiking from Grottaglie to Mesagne
  • Bild av Hiking from Grottaglie to Mesagne
  • Bild av Hiking from Grottaglie to Mesagne
  • Bild av Hiking from Grottaglie to Mesagne
  • Bild av Hiking from Grottaglie to Mesagne
  • Bild av Hiking from Grottaglie to Mesagne

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Uploaded den 27 mars 2016

Recorded mars 2016

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i närheten av Grottaglie, Puglia (Italia)

This is a nice hiking trail between the train stations of Grottaglie and Mesagne. It's not the most direct route, but more interesting then following the highway!

Please note that in the beginning on the track, you cross the train tracks and the highway more than once, but at each location there is a tunnel that will allow you to cross it safely.

Just outside Grottaglie, you will pass through a small canyon that has some shallow caves and in simply just a nice place to pass by. A bit later in the track, you will on a track that is parallel to underground pipe. I'm not sure, but I believe it's for water. At first you don't notice the pipe so much as it's underground, but when you pass a few small canyons, you'll see the pipe very clearly. Just follow the pipe and the track until you will eventually cross a main road and you'll see a water reservoir. From that point, the track will continue to follow small roads and you're unlikely to see much traffic or people until you get to the town of Oria, which is after around 26 km. At the indicated waypoints, there is a small supermarket and at the other there is a cafe. At either, you should be able to get some refreshments. In Oria, you will also have the option to walk to the train station (see waypoint) and cut your hike short.

After Oria, you will be back in the country side soon and once again, you will see a large pipe, this time it's well above the ground. After crossing it, you will go in another direction and not see it anymore.

Near the end, you'll enter the town of Mesagne and before making it to the train station, you pass by a few shops.

Please note that the train between Grottaglie and Mesagne (or vice versa) doesn't run very frequently, specially not on a Sunday, so it's recommended to do this hike on a working day or on Saturday. To make it easier to catch the train, you could consider parking at one of the 2 train stations, take the train to the other station and walk back to the car, that way you will be sure there is not an unpleasant surprise and the end of a possibly rather tiring hike.

Please enjoy the hike and leave some comments.

Small Supermarket

Train stop

Train Station Oria





Possibly to early to late in the trip, but the only one I found along the track.


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