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i närheten av Sacañet, Valencia (España)

From one place of very few people, via a completely deserted one to the village at the end of the road. So don’t count with to many encounters with the locals but do prepare for a magnificent trail once again. After the first very gradual climb (one hour) you’ll encounter interesting snow-containers from the 18th century.
After that Canales will welcome you with empty streets and the farmers wife staring at you from a distance - not waving back at you. So unlike the Spanish but who cares for now.
From there a stroll along the fields and a somewhat steeper but shorter climb will lead you close to the encounter point with GR7.
From this point onwards it’s one long downhill camino. The big surprise comes at the final stretch. Just when you think you’ve reached Andilla there is a deviation to a medieval paved road.
Our hero Guillem must have cursed a bit here having to take this detour and breaking his ankles after his 46 km run from Gátova.
We are walking the GR10 across Spain from Puçol (near Valencia) all the way to the Spanish/Portuguese border. We started March 21th 2018 and hope to finish at the end of June.
We already saw them from the molino in Gátova
Where the bar closes at 3 PM
A place where they used to gather snow in order to sell in the villages (before the age of the fridge)
A trail of dead trees caused by the fire (which didn’t take place one year ago but 3 years ago and burned almost all the mountains of València)
Worth the detour to see the huge ventisquero
Parque infantil
Probably the fire didn’t come here
... could’ve painted it
We’re staying here for two nights to rest a bit


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