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i närheten av Pueblo Nuevo, Zelaya Department (Nicaragua)

We made this walk during the installation of a photovoltaic project with the NGO Blueenergy, based in Bluefields

This little hike is starting at the Centro de Educación Técnica Ambiental y Agroforestal of Wawashang and go trough the village of Pueblo Nuevo. This is a very easy walk but you can see several different landscapes.

Starting from the center, who is a free school for the young of all other the Caribbean coast but also a huge producer of coconut products, the hike is going by the plantation to the farm of the center. After this, you will take the horse road, used daily by the farmer and worker of the region to go to pueblo nuevo.

From the end of the hike, you can cross the river to pueblo nuevo by calling samuel with his boat, who are doing the round trip all the day !

Possibility to sleep on the center for 300C$/pers or 500C$/room and to take meals there too. All the founds are going directly to the organization and the people in the center will be very happy to explain what they do there.

From Bluefields, panga comercial from the muelle municipal, 330C$

Link to Fadcanic website: http://www.fadcanic.org.ni/?q=es/node/2


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