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i närheten av Makhwelela, Province of KwaZulu-Natal (Republic of South Africa)

A beautiful walk from Didima hutted camp into the forest and up the Gorge to the Choke Stone followed by a shimmy up Tryme Hill to the top of the gully.

The path is mostly good however the last 500m or so does involve a series of river crossings and bolder hops to the Choke Stone.

Got a picture of the Choke Stone but it was very wet with all the "rain" falling into the gorge the camera kept fogging up so its not the best picture.

On a sunny day in the afternoon I suspect you will see rainbows but the sun was not at the right angle for us. If you can get the timing right it will be spectacular.

Choke Stone

A Stone caught and suppended between two cliffs

Tryme Hill

The view from the top of the Tryme Hill gully

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  • Fesler 2019-nov-01

    Nice trail but takes min. 5 hours in total with break(s) when walking at moderate speed.

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