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i närheten av Aaïntoûrîne, Liban-Nord (Lebanon)

One of the most beautiful hiking trips in Lebanon!
Drive to Amioun then Ser3il. After ser3il turn right where the monastery is indicated (Saint Antonios Qozhayya). Park the car at the monastery.
The gpx track file is cleaned up so you can download it and follow it easily.
We walked the loop starting from the monastery anti-clockwize: First in the Mar Sarkis valley, then to the small village of Fraidis then up the Qannoubine valley to the Churches of Sayyidat Qannoubine then Saint Marina. Then up to Blawza (that bit was hard!) then across the fields to Haw'a then down to the monastery (on an asphalted but pleasant road).
Total lenght is about 14 Km, which took us around 6h30 at a leasurely pace.

7aw'a - church

7aw'a - eglise

blawza track

ras at tal3a-blawza

crossing the water pipe

over the water pipe



mar Antonios Qoz7aya monastery

Deir mar Antonios - Qoz7aya

Saint Marina Church

Eglise Sainte Marina

Saydit Qannoubin monastery

Saydit Annoubin

Turn to mar Antonios Qozhayya monastery

mafra' Deir mar Antonios Qozhayya

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  • Bild av Jeanstephan

    Jeanstephan 2011-jun-18

    Thank you for the trail, we did it last week, it was fun...hope to see you soon and hike together.
    Jean Stephan

  • samir_hatem 2012-sep-06

    Hi Marc,

    Does this track pass by the hermitage of the colombian priest?

  • Bild av Marc Torbey

    Marc Torbey 2012-sep-06

    No it does not.
    The hermitage is below the village of 7aw'a. On the downhill way from 7aw'a to the church of Sayyidat Qannoubine.

    If you want to visit the holy man -though he does not like to be disturbed :-) you could change the loop described a little bit: when you arrive a St Marina church, take the direction indicated "7awqa" instead of walking immediately uphill to Blawza.
    The hermitage is on your way to 7aw'a, almost at the end (you have to bifurcate left at an indicated point), about 100m (in altitude) below the Church of 7aw'a.

  • Bild av marioshka

    marioshka 2012-sep-11

    father Dario Escobar always welcomes visitors. he doesn't mind @ all talking to them.
    the path between St marina Grotto and Hawqa Hermitage takes 30-40 min .

  • samir_hatem 2012-sep-19

    Hi Marc, marioshka,

    Thank you for the track and the advices... I did it starting from the monastery of Qozhaya, but after Saydet Qannoubine, instead of going to Blawza I took the path to 7aw2a, passing by the hermitage of father Dario Escobar. At this point I was lucky to meet a local who was bringing him some things, so we got to meet the hermit and talk a bit.

    The same local proposed to give me a ride on the asphalted road that goes back to Qozhaya, which I gladly accepted :)

  • samir_hatem 2012-sep-19

    One more thing: your track shows around 616 m (2024 feet) uphill, while mine shows a 1355 m uphill!!! any idea which is right?

  • Bild av Marc Torbey

    Marc Torbey 2012-sep-20

    Hi Samir
    I hope you liked the track. you did not share your impressions.

    I think that 616m is more reasonable than 1355m. i do not know why your GPS device did not get it right. Did you calibrate it before you started walking?
    or maybe because you met Fr Escobar ... and this spiritually elevated monk increased the altitude on your GPS :-)

  • samir_hatem 2012-okt-02

    Hi Marc,

    Yes, the track was actually great, thanks a lot for posting it!

    The path was very clear for most of the time. the only places tricky or when one might deviate are the connection before Fradis, and then on the way to Qannoubine before joining the closed water channel

    All in all it was really enjoyable with great landscapes and visits :)

    Add to it the Escobar effect on GPS :)

  • Bild av Abou Cyril

    Abou Cyril 2017-maj-14

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Prévoir un départ tôt le matin (9h maximum) et compter 6h de marche sans les pauses.

  • Bild av Abou Cyril

    Abou Cyril 2017-maj-14

    Itinéraire effectué le 13 mai 2017. Merveilleux ! Quelques photos postées ici : https://www.facebook.com/benoit.berger1/media_set?set=a.10155248579313433.1073741839.642938432&type=3&pnref=story. Merci pour l'itinéraire. Ce n'est pas la première fois que je viens dans la vallée de Qadicha, mais cet itinéraire est vraiment fantastique !!! En faisant une bonne pause à Qannoubine, on peut programmer la descente de Hawqa vers Mar Antonios Qozhaya en fin de journée, soleil déclinant sur l'horizon et la mer au loin ! Féérique !!!

  • Bild av Marc Torbey

    Marc Torbey 2017-maj-15

    Merci Abou Cyril pour votre commentaire si positif ! Ça m'a fait tres plaisir !

  • Bild av Rami Rachkidi

    Rami Rachkidi 2018-jun-05

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Amazing trail. We started from Fradis and did it anti-clockwise. Thank you Marc!

  • Bild av Marc Torbey

    Marc Torbey 2018-jun-06

    Merci Rami ! God bless!

  • Bild av Rami Hermes

    Rami Hermes 2020-mar-15

    I have followed this trail  verifierade  View more

    Followed the trail today, still valid with slight modifications :)

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