• Bild av Black River Mare Aux Joncs
  • Bild av Black River Mare Aux Joncs

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Uploaded den 13 september 2013

Recorded augusti 2013

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i närheten av Petite Rivière Noire, Black River (Mauritius)

Nice walk from Black River Gorges Parking to Mare aux Jonc waterfall with splendid with under the waterfall.

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  • MishDG 2014-aug-17

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    Had an enjoyable walk with a group of all ages and abilities. A little tricky in areas, especially after a bit of rain. Some ropes have been added to help. Always look for the orange markers to stay on the trail, which can sometimes only be seen when looking behind you. Was refreshing to cool off with the spray of the water-fall once we reached the top.

  • Ewerkema 2016-nov-24

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    I have walked this route and it was a quite nice walk, and at times also bit challenging, but it is definitely doable for much people. The path is sometimes overgrown with guava, so you have to be careful with following it.

    Once I reached the waterfall I tried to continue the path up the mountain, since I knew from the height map that the last part was really steep, I tried to climb up the mountain. Once I reached the mountain wall (see image http://i63.tinypic.com/2jagl12.jpg), I was doubting if I took the right track, so I climbed back down. I am curious if people know if its possible to climb up all the way!

  • 2tonic 2016-dec-27

    I love this one too. Even after walking down there is a nice place where you can dip into the creek to cool off.
    I am not sure too if you can go up all the way from there. Surely you can go the Maccabee trail up to Maccabee view point and then to the Maccabee forest trail which leads on the top of that waterfall. But for this you have to go back all the way down and then either the pilgrim trail or go back to the crossing and then towards the Maccabee trail.

  • Bild av Romaintipunch

    Romaintipunch 2017-feb-28

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    Easy trail - one hour to go up there.
    River to cross many times

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