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95 m
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5,55 km

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i närheten av Hillcrest, Saint Joseph (Barbados)

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  • SicilyJack 2017-feb-06

    This hike starts at the rugged coastline, then through an abandoned hotel project where you have to bypass a broken down bridge via climbing down over rocks !!!WARNING!!! some idiot went to the trouble of laying cement with broken glass bottles imbedded into the cemnt at this early juncture in the hike (!!!!), we almost miss this. You have to watch out for it as you climb down through some rocks to get to the small creek area. Be careful here. Otherwise the hike then takes through very rural Barbados with an eclectic cross section of shanty style home to new homes. During this first part of the hike, you will be climbing uphill (on a road) which combined with the hot sun will make for a great pulse quickening hike up! The Botanical Gardens are towards the end of this hike - this was priced at about 40$b per person so we opted out and continued towards the coastline again. The very last leg of this walk/hike provides for some of the greatest ocean views on the island. We loved this. Hope you do as well. Enjoy!!

  • Bild av afbutterworth

    afbutterworth 2017-mar-16

    I have followed this trail  View more

    We did it in reverse and took the beach instead of the road, but a wonderful time.

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