• Bild av Bamako - Walking around Koulouba and Point-G
  • Bild av Bamako - Walking around Koulouba and Point-G
  • Bild av Bamako - Walking around Koulouba and Point-G
  • Bild av Bamako - Walking around Koulouba and Point-G
  • Bild av Bamako - Walking around Koulouba and Point-G
  • Bild av Bamako - Walking around Koulouba and Point-G

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i närheten av Koulouba, Bamako (മാലി)

There are few hikes on WikiLoc for Bamako, so I decided to create a few more.

Usual disclaimer applies: Use you common sense, be aware of your surroundings, don't take unnecessary risks and bring plenty of water. It's always best to start hiking in the heat of Bamako as early in the day as possible so you can be out of the sun before it gets really hot.

At a regular pace, this hike may take around 3 hours, but it all depends on your level of fitness and the frequency of your stops. The level "Easy" designated for this hike relates to most of the road and the relative small elevation gain. The heat may make it feel a bit heavier.

This hike starts at the parking of the local zoo. Parking is quite cheap (300 francs) and ensures that car is reasonably safe.

It can also be combined with a visit to the zoo and the botanical garden

From the parking, you pass the entrance of the zoo, but continue on along the road. There is a barrier along the road which is pretty easy to walk on and be safe(r) from traffic.

Within 400 meter, you'll see a big exit on the right. Follow that exit, which turns into a dirt road. Immediately after the gate, take a left turn.

For the next 2 km, the track is quite easy to follow, it's wide and mostly flat. After passing a gully where you have to hop over a few rocks, you'll find a short but steep track up. Don't worry it's only for about 30 meters up.

When you get to the top of the climb, you'll find another wide track. Follow this road for about 400 meter. Here you'll find an uneven but clearly visible stairs taking you up the hill. Through the steps, you climb about 50 meters elevation. If the weather is good, there is always an excuse to stop and takes photos while catching your breath.

At the top of the stairs, turn to the right and pass the exercise machines. Other the other side, follow the track up for a few more meters. From there it will get easier.

As you arrive in Point-G, the hike is quite easy and mostly flat. When you have hiked about 4km, take a turn to the left. Here you'll see a garbage dump, which is not very nice but unavoidable in Bamako. Just before the dump, take right turn and follow the small track behind the hospital.

As you follow the track, you'll see the main road ahead, but don't follow the track all the way to the road. About 100 meters before the road, you'll find a track taking you left, parallel to the road but much more pleasant and even shorter than the road.

At around 5.5 km, you will cross 2 roads and walk into Koulouba. Via some small tracks, you'll make it a few somewhat bigger dirt roads through town.

At 6.6 km, make sure to leave the bigger road for one of the smaller streets. This street will travel parallel to the hill and eventually, after leaving town behind you, you'll circle around the mountain and see the zoo again, from above. Continue the easy to follow wide track until you get back to the paved road.

The last 400 are along the road back to the parking. Once again, you can walk over the raised shoulder for safety.

As you come back to the zoo, you also have the option to visit Restaurant Balasoko. The prices are quite acceptable (for expats) and the service is quite good. Our first order was a big bottle of water each as we were quite dehydrated.

Enjoy the trail end leave a comment. In particular if you know some interesting way points should be included or an alternate track that could/should be used. Any information is much appreciated.

Start of short steep climb


End of short steep climb


Start of stairs


End of Stairs


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