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  • Bild av Bamako - Sokorodji Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Sokorodji Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Sokorodji Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Sokorodji Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Sokorodji Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Sokorodji Circle




16 februari 2019


februari 2019


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375 m
314 m
20,54 km

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i närheten av Faladié, Bamako (മാലി)

This hike takes you around Sokorodji. More or less between the first and third bridge on the south side.

The starting point is the Court of Appeals, but as it's a circle, you could start at any other point, as you like.

After crossing the main road, the track is quite easy to follow, as it's mostly just going straight towards the river.

Once you reach the last street, you take a right turn and run parallel to the river for a while. When you come close to the end of the road, you'll take a small track towards the river. As you come to the end of this small track, you'll need to pass the small "stream". On the other side, a larger dirt road continues.

At this point you may want to have a look around between the track and the river where very industries people have small fields to grow vegetables.

As you follow the dirt track east, you will need to pass a concrete drainage. Although not too difficult, you do not want to miss jumping over it.

From there you pass through a neighbourhood with nice villas. At this time they were not finished, but maybe they will be by the time you pass by. They appear that they may be very nice places to live.

Just after the villas, you pass by the water plant and come to the larger road. On the north side of the road, you'll find a dirt track so don't walk on the road.

As the road bends to the right, you'll exit the road to the left on a dirt track towards the river. Soon after you'll pass over the inlet of the canal that brings the water to the hydro-plant.

From there, it's a very easy walk along the canal. On the north side, you'll pass by lots of small vegetable gardens, until you get to the third bridge.

As you pass under the bridge, you make a turn to the right and briefly follow the other canal. Pass the canal on the third bridge.

From here you will follow another "stream" down south, running parallel to the Sotuba Causeway. As you zigzag through some neighbourhoods, you continue to go in a southern direction. Along the way, your noose may not enjoy the experience, but you will get to see the real Bamako.

As you'll come to market, you'll pass a bridge and soon a rather large road. As it will be very busy at all times, you will need to take good care and watch out for all other traffic that way not be very considerate to you.

After passing the large road, you'll be back on dirt roads through other neighbourhoods and will do a little bit of a climb.

From there, you still have a few kilometers ahead of you, but they should be fairly easy and diverse enough to keep you going.

Once you start to notice Justice related buildings, you're almost back at the starting point.

Please leave a comment if you have done this hike and tell me what was your experience.


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