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75 m

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  • Bild av Bamako - Canal Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Canal Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Canal Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Canal Circle




27 januari 2019


januari 2019

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380 m
313 m
28,5 km

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i närheten av Missabougou, Bamako (മാലി)

This track takes you along a canal with lots of farmland. This is possibly the most beautiful part of Bamako.

General Info: As it's generally hot and sunny all year around, I would highly recommend to start the hike at first light, bring plenty of water and don't count on cell phone coverage the entire trail. You will have a chance to buy water along the way, so you don't need to go overboard, but I would still recommend at least 1.5 ltr per person.

The starting point of this hike is the gate of the Orpheus Dream Village Hotel. Which is on the south side of the "Third Bridge".

From the starting point, you have 2 choices: Start with the canal or finish with the canal. If the distance of 28 km is too much for you, you may want to start with the canal and later on take a taxi back to the starting point.

But if you follow the trail as I've placed it here, you will start with going through town first. From the canal, you follow a small stream south for just over 1 km. After that, there is no more trail direct along the stream, so you track along many houses. You'll see the stream again in a few kilometres as you pass it a second time.

After that, you go towards the area known as Bakorobougou. After some more zigzagging between the houses, you'll pass along a small mountain passage. Don't worry, not a real climb, but I thought it was an interesting deviation.

After about 8.5 km, you'll pass by the Hotel/Restaurant "Le Campement". Here you could make a stop for a drink or food, but it might be too early on the trail.

After this point, the houses get less frequent and you'll see more and more farmland.

At almost 14km, you'll come to the canal. You choose on which side of the canal you want to walk and even alternate on the next 2 bridges.

After another 4 km, you'll pass a bridge. Here you'll need to stay on the south side (so the white track, not the red) as you will leave the canal behind for a while and zigzag through some more farmland.

At around 21.5 km, you'll be back once again along the canal, following it on the south side for a while, and after passing a bridge at the 24 km mark, on the north side.

Later on, you'll pass a few more bridges and have the choice again on which side you walk along the canal for the last 4 km of the track.

Please leave a comment if you have done this hike and tell me what was your experience.

Hotel - Le Campement


Hotel - Orpheus Dream Village


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