• Bild av Bamako - Airport Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Airport Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Airport Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Airport Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Airport Circle
  • Bild av Bamako - Airport Circle

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Uploaded den 26 januari 2019

Recorded januari 2019

390 m
351 m
23,11 km

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i närheten av Sénou, Bamako (മാലി)

This track takes you around the airport is a large circle.

General Info: As it's generally hot and sunny all year around, I would highly recommend to start the hike at first light. Bring plenty of water and don't count on cell phone coverage the entire trail. You will have a chance to buy water along the way, so you don't need to go overboard, but I would still recommend at least 1.5 ltr per person.

The trail is not very difficult to follow, but at some places there are many tracks, so you may want to keep an eye on the GPS from time. You can easily divert from the trail and use it as a general direction.

The track starts near the back (military) entrance of the airport. As there are some military guards at the checkpoint, this could be a safe place to park your vehicle. Bur as the track is a circle, you can obviously start at any point of the trail.

The area is pretty much flat, so there is hardly any elevation.

The track takes along various small farms where fruits and vegetables are grown. This is quite nice to see and enjoyable and you might be able to buy them there, if the farmer is around. Other parts of the track passes by a few dumping sides and this quite sad to see all the plastic dumped and blowing away. But this is Bamako too.

When you're about half way down the trail, you enter town and pass through some residential areas. Here you'll be able to find something to eat and drink is some of the small shops. Later on, when you get to a bigger road, you'll also find a fuel station with a small shop and some other shops and local restaurants.

After passing the Tour de Afrique at the round about, you'll leave the bigger roads and zigzag through a residential area.

When there are fewer and fewer houses, you'll come to large main road. You'll need to cross this, but take great care as it's usually quite busy and you'll need to look left and right at the same time to make it safely across.

After that, the track is through open fields without much traffic until you make your way to the corner of the airport. Here you'll see some more motorbikes uses the road as a short-cut, but should not be too busy.

From there it's an easy walk back to the starting point.

Please leave a comment if you have done this hike and tell me what was your experience.


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