• Bild av Arroo trail + Keeloges Mt (and lough)
  • Bild av Arroo trail + Keeloges Mt (and lough)
  • Bild av Arroo trail + Keeloges Mt (and lough)
  • Bild av New gate - arroo trail
  • Bild av 'Tin whistle' lake
  • Bild av Top of zig-zag trail

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i närheten av Largydonnell, Connaught (Ireland)

The Arroo Trail is located near Glenade and it is sign posted from the main road R280 at Largydonnell. Follow a small lane to a small car park. From there the road is private but pedestrian access has recently been allowed by owners, with new walker-friendly gates.

The arroo Trail DOES NOT go up Keeloges Mt. It finishes just before the Arroo Mountain summit, which is ENE of Keeloges.

In order to climb up to Keeloges and the lough, you must leave the trail before it ends and walk west across grass and marsh on a steep climb. There're no signs or a clear path from here and I would recommend carrying a GPS enabled device. There's good phone coverage most of the way but it's a good idea to download offline maps and/or waypoints. I followed a dried up stream as guidance and used my phone's compass.

After you reach the lough it is possible to descend on the west side of the mountain following an old farmers trail that zig-zags down the very steep mountainside, but I strongly recommend against it as it can be quite dangerous if wet.

There are two levels of technical difficulty here. The Arroo trail is well marked and the path is wide and stable making it an easy and family friendly walk. Then is the climb to the top of Keeloges and although this section is short, the steep hill climb and descent, the absence of clear paths, uneven terrain, and recommended use of GPS makes this a difficult walk.

Small car park


New gate - arroo trail


'Tin whistle' lake


Top of zig-zag trail


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