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i närheten av Cisternino, Puglia (Italia)

This hike takes you around the hills and valley near the town of Pezze di Greco, north of Ostuni.

The walk starts with a climb on an asphalted road to the village "Caranna", the road is closed for heavy traffic, but you might have a car come by from time to time, so please be careful.

After reaching the town, it takes a small road out the town and through a valley with various agriculture after which you'll reach an huge stone quarry that is no longer in use. The trail will bring you to a point where you have a look look into the quarry, but please be careful as there is no fence.

After the quarry, you'll come to the ridge of the hill and have a view over the valley and the sea. At this point, you'll see the tower on your right hand side, this is Monte Pizzuto.

The descent to the valley goes over an old road that has deteriorated so much that it's now not more then a hiking trail.

Once you reach the foot of the hill, you'll be on the main road for 600 meters so please careful with traffic. Soon you'll go deeper in the country side and are less likely to see much traffic. The trail leads you along many olive and other trees, while avoiding houses (and dogs) as much as possible.

Near the end of the hike, you'll need to walk up a little bit to make it back to the starting point.

The starting point of the this hike is very close to the starting point of "Monte Le Fergole and Valley (near Ostuni)" that is also published on this website. If you want you can combine the 2 walks making it a 31km figure 8.

Start Point

Start the hike from here

Stone Quarry

From this point you have a good view inside the Quarry. But please be careful as there is no fence

Valley View

From this point you have a great view across the valley with Pezze di Greco on your left and the sea in front of you.

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  • jojogreene 2012-okt-04

    What a great hike! I highly recommend it if you are going for an easy: it is overall very flat and not very rocky. Just be aware that walking in Puglia usually means up and over stone walls.
    I also recommend it if it's hot out as there are many places to take shades. I used the iphone app to follow my way, as it was somewhat tricky in my view. We parked at the intersection of SS5 and SS9 as we felt it was a safe place to leave the car. We skipped the walking on the main road and went through the olive groves instead around km 7. And we did a short detour to have a look at the cherry tomato farm around km 9, which was sort of abandoned but still yielding tomatoes... Very lovely day!

  • jojogreene 2012-okt-04

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Very good assessment of the conditions and location. The GPS makes it easy to follow but there are bits that we shortcut through the groves instead of following the directions. Very helpful trail description!

  • Amalia Lazarus 2017-aug-18

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Perfect walk for us - thank you! It took us 2 hours and we did it back to front which also worked well.

  • TeunG 2019-sep-08

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Did it back to front, starting in the olive fields, with a climb in the second part of the route, a rewarding view on top of the Monte and ending downhill on a paved road. Took me 3 hours. Some short segments in the olive fields are on private property but you can take a short detour if needed.

  • Changi02R 2019-okt-15

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Lovely walk with changing scenery. Just as you walk through the olive trees, the hike would send you through a private section with warning of dogs.

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