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i närheten av Thuiaungpara, Chittagong (Bangladesh)

Andharmanik(আন্ধারমানিক)( is one of the most popular and desired destination for the trekkers of Bangladesh. The place is situated in Thanchi, Bandarban. between Boro Modok Bazar and Likri. Andharmanik(আন্ধারমানিক) has two phases. One is Sangu River phase and another one is Narissha Jhiri.

We that means Mahadi, Ridoy and Pear, started our journey towards andharmanik(আন্ধারমানিক) on 29th may, 2019. Here's the route we followed:

Alikadam - Dochori Bazar - Thong Pong Para - Kom Chong - Dolong Jhiri -Maikoa Para - Andharmanik Para - Narissha para -Andharmanik - Mentang Para - Non Kha Peak - Shingrao Para -Khide Para - Kurukpata Bazar - Alikadam
Trail recorded by Syeed Mahadi Hasan
Nowadays You won't get permission from army to travel andharmanik. So its on your own.

We also climbed a peak named Non Kha or Muripha Taung, a non popular and less tried peak. It is a peak of Chimbuk ridge line. We scaled the height of the peak is 2661 ft.

We spent 11 days in the mountains and of course the journey was a memorable one. We enjoyed our company and tried to make a connections with these mountains. We had a close look of Murong's lifestyle and philosophy. We enjoyed their food and fascinated by their hospitality. They are very much friendly indeed.

We saw various animal tracks in the reserve areas. We found mountain deer footprints, signs of bear and wildcats. Mro peoples still live a semi nomadic life and do hunting. We found various animal trophies in some houses. Alikadam is still raw and wild.

Nature talk: Do not drop plastics while travelling.

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