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i närheten av Acebuchal, Andalucía (España)

This ascent of Lucero is for those who want a real mountain experience; some exposure covering steep ground over loose terrain. The rewarding views are worth the effort. Only those with good physical fitness and an ability to navigate in mountain terrain should attempt this little used route. Some erosion has destroyed evidence of the path in the upper reaches and for this reason good weather prospects should be forecast before setting out.
The route from Acebuchal towards Cortijo del Daire is initially followed, turning off at the Arroyo de Zarzadillo towards Cortijo Mirlo. With the easy bit behind you and a small cairn marking the path opposite the ruins, strike off and commence the twisting climb. The path is reasonably evident and can be seen from the ruins as it ascends towards the jagged horizon.
Eventually the path crests onto the Cuesta Civiles giving excellent views down onto the ruins of Venta Panaderos, and further afield to the Costas. Route finding now becomes less easy as the path descends and rises amongst rocky outcrops. Some small cairns - not easily distinguished amongst all the stones!- give some indication of the way forward. If all has gone well some large painted arrows on pine trees then show the way (here the path is joined by the alternative route from near Cortijo del Daire). Despite this, there is lack of route for a short distance, head upwards towards the hunting marker posts on the horizon. A steep scree slope brings you out onto the Collado Perdiz.
Pause and take in the extensive views; these improve as you follow the now very evident path towards the summit of Lucero topped with the ruins of a Guardia Civil Barracks.
Back track towards the Collado Perdiz and follow the very evident path to the track leading to the Marble Quarry. Turn left along the track and just beyond the quarry buildings the path turns right at a marker post for Puerto Competa.
Descend towards Puerto Blanquillo turning left at a marker post. This path leads directly towards Cortijo del Daire. From here the track is followed, joining the outbound route back to Acebuchal.
Map (1:25,000), compass, GPS and walking poles are highly recommended.

Car Park

Vehicles can be parked by the Capilla de San Antonio in Acebuchal.

Track junction


Venta Cebollera.


Puerto Paez Blanca.


Arroyo de Zarzadillo.


Cortijo Mirlo.

Take time here to examine the slopes leading up to the Cuesta Civiles and get the line of the path.

Summit Lucero

Marked on some maps as Cerro de los Moriscos or Lucero, this summit at 1775m is arguably one of the finest summits in the Sierra Almijara, easily recognised from all its neighbouring peaks and surrounding countryside.

Marker Post


Information Board.


Plan Infoca.


Quarry Buildings.

El Macho marble quarry closed several years ago reveals some impressive pieces of marble!

Puerto Competa.


Path Junction.


Collado de los Hornillos.


Path Junction.


Cortijo del Daire.


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