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i närheten av Bolhos, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

I always wanted to do this trail. The Ishtar Trail is located within the limits of Almat town in the Byblos region of Mount Lebanon. The trail is well-kept by the municipality with signs marking the trees and their names. During the trail you come across many rock formations that is pleasing to the eyes along with a variety of oak trees that are thousands of years old.
The weather was a great summery weather with blue skies and scattered white clouds and wonderful fog towards the end of the day. The temperature was in the 20s.
I rank this trail as easy to moderate (relative to my fitness – a seasoned hiker). It is a wonderful trail.

Rest Area I


Rest Area II


The AC Cave

it is a cave in the rock with cold breeze coming out of it.

The Wishing Tree

Hikers, trekkers, and the rest of the visitors leave a ribbon on the tree and make a wish in the hopes of their wishes come true.

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    Olivier Boudart 2019-sep-15

    I have followed this trail  verifierade  View more

    Thanks a lot for sharing this superb trail. I ranked easy but it could be moderate in fall / winter when slippery.

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