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i närheten av Es Souâqi, Liban-Nord (Lebanon)

New trail in Menyieh-Donnieh : Arz Karm Mohor. Karm El Mohr is a small village situated This hike is in Donniyeh district in North Lebanon. The town of Karm el Mohr is home to the Aisha Fortress, built on the heights of Al Fawwar spring. Karm el Mohr enjoys warm and comfortable summers, beautiful moderate springs and autumns, and cold, usually snowy winters.
The hike started from Sawaqi Mezyara taking a dirt road and cow paths to reach Nablayyah; then , the trail passed by Fowwar Karm Mohor (natural water spring); the Cedars of Karm el-Mohor; the Zawareeb at 1900 meter; and back to Sawaqi Mezyara. During our hike , we passed by beautiful landscapes, Cedars Forest, and Water springs.
The weather was a typical Lebanese autumn weather: cloudy skies, temperatures in upper teens, fog on the highlands, and , our luck, no rain.

Sawaqi Village

Sawaqi village is a summer resort for the town of Mizyara as per our guide

Aysha Fortress

Aysha fortress is built way up above the Fawwar natural water spring

Fawwar Spring

Fawwar natural water spring supplies the town of Karm El Moher with water. Its site is also a place of festivities to the town's people where they gather, drink, eat, and dance.

Jurd Njas(pear) Farm

This is a farming area that belongs to Donnieyeh. This area witnessed clashes between the Lebanese army and Al Qaeda recruits in 2000.

Karm El Moher Cedar Forest

The forest is not as big as other forests in the country but contains huge majestic trees that go back in time to the beginning of earth (at least I like to think that). It also is home to Lizzab trees.

Water Hole

A water hole used by shepherds to water their herds.

Karm El Moher Cross

Every town in this region have a cross on top of a mountain.


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