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i närheten av Hillestad, Sogn og Fjordane (Norge)

Molden is the fines viewpoint along the Luster Fjord. On the way up there are nice views towards Urnes (stave church) and on the summit plateau you can see Jotunheimen, the Luster Fjord, Gaupne backed by the Jostedalsbreen etc.

There are no technical difficulties. Just remember the length and altiutude difference. Also, the road from the RV55 to the parking lot is a gravel road. In the end of June, we had little snow. As always, we had a lot of foto breaks. Tourist Info states 2h going up for a total of 3h-3,5h. Add to that at least half an hour to enjoy the views on top. Walk around. And please read the signs at the parking lot before you start.


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