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Recorded mars 2012

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i närheten av Riemenstalden, Kanton Schwyz (Swiss Confederation)

We made two ski-tour day trips from the Lidernen Hut (1727m). The hut was easily reached by gondola lift (cable car) and has plenty possibilities for skiing and climbing. We parked the car at 9:10 (paid parking), took the lift of 9:50, left the hut at 10:30 and after two 'ascends' and lots of skiing returned at 16:30. This valley can be reached from Sisikon (440m). The next day we returned to the car via the Blüemberg (2400 m). We left early, at 7:50. Skiing conditions were ok, apart from the crowd and the ice near the peak. The snow below ±1400m was wet (and heavy) but we could ski back to the car at 1200m (13:20). Since this was my first ski tour, the ascends were heavy and skiing was hard work. For the experienced skier, only the parts near the peaks are intensive.
Top of the second day.
Paid parking further down the road.
Top of the first day.


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