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A ski ascent of Mount Logan, 5959m. Highest peak in Canada, 2nd highest in N America. In the Kluane National Park in the Yukon, close to the Alaska border.
We took the Kings Trench route, which is the normal route. We flew in with Icefield Discovery. www.icefielddiscovery.com. Fly in to fly out 8 to 27 May 2016. We were a team of 6, (unguided, a club group) and 4 got to the summit. The others reached Prospector Col. We had heavy snow cover so not many problems with crevasses or the icefield about Kings Col. We were largely lucky with weather and were getting weather updates via two Delorme Inreaches. We took small sleds and double-loaded all the way up to camp 4. (Some teams skipped our camp 4, but it seemed to help our acclimatisation). On the summit day, we took the long way round, rather than go over the West Peak. Seems the better choice if you are on skis.


2016-05-10 BC-C1

Camp 1


Camp 2 Kings Col


Camp 3

commonly called the Football Field.

Camp 4

Some teams skipped this one (or put camp 3 higher than we did) but it is very useful for acclimatisation and make your move onto the summit plateau much easier.

Camp 5

We placed this camp below the West peak. You could continue for another 3 kilometres and camp there. That makes the summit day shorter and means you don't have to climb back uphill at the end of the summit day. But it also means you have to drag your camp gear a lot further, and you have it drag it back uphill to the Prospector Col a lot further! We did an 11 hr summit day and hated the final climb back to our camp 5, but when we were moving out the next day, we were very glad to not have the extra distance to climb.

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  • Bild av tgalvez

    tgalvez 2017-aug-25

    Espectacular.esto si que es una aventura. https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/mount-logan-kings-trench-14024738#wp-14024743/photo-8691557

  • Bild av tomas sulc

    tomas sulc 2018-aug-31

    i want this trip :) too, its soooooooooooo coooool

  • Bild av andremundstock

    andremundstock 2019-jan-05


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