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172 m
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i närheten av Svinebacka, Oarje-Götalándda leatna (Ruoŧŧa)

Svinebacka - Skåpafors

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  • Bild av Wat.JOE.Do

    Wat.JOE.Do 2019-mar-02

    I have followed this trail  verifierade  View more

    Not an off-road trail. Tarmac all the way except the last 200 meters. The trail can be done with any car. Even the last 200 meters which is a gravel road.

    Following the trail will show you some picturesque parts of Dalsland. Not the best, but still worth the effort. I’ll return to the first part of the trail due to the scenery.

  • Bild av Wat.JOE.Do

    Wat.JOE.Do 2019-mar-02

    Don’t know why the app shows difficulty “moderate”. I ticked “easy”. Redone the review two times with ticking off “easy”. But anyway it still shows “moderate”. ⁉️

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