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i närheten av Lumby, British Columbia (Canada)

This is a ride in from Lavington (15Km East of Vernon, BC, Canada).

Note: Tracks start from the corner of Bluenose Rd & Whitevale Road. Tracking will take you all the way to an unload spot, then onto the complete ride out and back.

A buddy and I did a 140Km quad ride on this cold cold day at the bottom of the mountain (-10C at 9am). Should've brought a thermometer as on the logging roads at higher elevations it was colder! Sweat dripping from under my helmet iced up on the front of my jacket when clocking 60K or so on the frigid roads.

Bring extra gas if you think your quad can't do 150K on it's own. I had hand warmers and my tank was a little small so I had to top off with a 5L can. Both my buddy and I are going to invest in a thumb warmer on the throttle!

Half way through the day we met a few folks from Kelowna (other side of the mountain) so we though, hey, why not make the trek all the way to Hwy 33, you know, so we can just say we did. We did and the day was getting older so we had to literally book it all the way back with minimal stops. Was still a bit cold but not too bad.

*a couple of wicked straight, smooth gravel stretches along lakes to wind out on
*the wide logging main roads at the end of "Three Forks Road" allowed my best top speeds (90k+). My buddy must've been even faster, the maniac
*breaking ice on small streams made for fun muddin'
*rocky creak beds fatigued me and dented a couple rims, caution...
*amazing snowmobile chalet to warm up or sleep in if you get stuck out there

Great ride, will be doing it again!


Caution: residential rd ahead

Three Forks Rd

Decrepit Cabin

10-OCT-09 11:31:53AM

Overlooking Hwy 33

11524 33

Quad unload/load; Ride Start/End

10-OCT-09 10:44:34AM

Snowmobile Chalet

10-OCT-09 2:04:45PM

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