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This is the update of now defunct Virtualtourist Nagoya travel Page Transportation Tip.

Although Shirakawa Park where Nagoya City Science Museum is located is only two kilometers away from Nagoya Station, it is really complicated to get there by subway train.
(If you are visiting in a group I strongly recommend using the taxi from the station to get to SHIRAKAWA KOEN (白川公園) If you love subway train travel then try this trail tip.

When you are getting out from Shinkansen (Bullet Train) ticket barrier, you are getting confused because Nagoya Station is that big, not being sure where to go next. To get to Shirakawa Park and Science Museum first head for Higashiyama Line. To take Higashiyama Line you need to go out from Sakuradori Exit where Golden Clock stands and turn leftward to find the entrance for Higashiyama Line Nagoya Station #9 Exit the only entrance available from the main gate of Nagoya Station. After that read the waypoint description.

Nagoya Station Golden Clock

This Citizen golden clock tower, 4.7 meters tall at the Sakuradori Exit was placed in 2002 to commemorate the third anniversary of JR Central Tower. This clock tower at the entrance of JR Nagoya Takashimaya Department Store is often used as a meeting place.

Higashiyama Line Nagoya Station #9 Exit

After passing the Golden Clock and get out of the Sakudadori Exit, you must turn left until you find the entrance (also #9 Exit of Hgashiyama Line Nagoya Station).

Higashiyama Line Nagoya Station North Ticket Barrier

When you are from #9 Exit the ticket barrier for Hgashiyama Line will be its north ticket barrier. There are some ticket vending machine to buy a ticket. Insert 200 yen in coin for adults and 100 yen for children between 6 to 11. Children 5 or under is free of charge up to four children. Should your 4-5 year-old child gets caught in an automatic ticket gate, tell the station attendants about it and let him/her pass. Japanese automatic ticket gate usually let the child with the height of 120 cm or less pass.

To the Platform #1

Higashiyama Line has two platforms. #1 Platform is bound for Fushimi, Sakae and Fujigaoka. So get to #1 platform to go to Fushimi Station. Please note some of the cars are women's only. The rule usually applies to week days and no limit to Saturdays and Sundays but men do not ride these cars even on weekends.

Higashiyama Line Fushimi Station

Fushimi Station is the next stop of Higashiyama Line bound for Fujigaoka. Finding the right exit for the City Science Museum, however, is not easy. Walk toward #5 Exit. At first find the direction sign for #2-#9 exits just like the photo I uploaded. Follow along the signs until you find the direction sign for #4 and #5 exit. Then get out from #5 exit.

#5 Exit

The closest exit to both the Science Museum and the park is #5 exit of Fushimi Station. But to the park you still have to walk for a few minutes. After getting out from the exit walk southward.

Misonoza Tower

Misonoza is 121-year-old theater that runs wide variety of theatrical shows including Kabuki as well as modern plays mainly targeted for older audiences. Misonoza tower which encompasses the old theater is 40-floor and 150 meters in height, The tower is mostly used as the upscale condos.

Ootoya Pola Nagoya Building Shop

Ootoya is the restaurant chain focusing on healthy diet menu based on traditional Japanese dishes. Its Pola Nagoya Building Shop is a convenient dining place for Shirakawa Park visitors. I dined there before visiting Shirakawa Park.

Mitsukura Intersection

The street name Mitsukura derived from the historical fact that the large warehouses of Owari clan including three large ones (Mitsukura) stood near the Horikawa River nearby during Edo period (1603-1868). After the Meiji Restoration most of the warehouses were banned and destroyed. Now the storage area had turned into business district and old houses and warehouses remain only at Shikemichi street. After crossing the Mitsukura Intersection you will find a nice statue titled "To the Space". The statue was donated by Nippon COMSYS corporation and the statue is standing near the entrance of Nippon Comsys Building serving as its Tokai Branch Office.

Park Entrance

Northwest Entrance of Shirakawa Park. Near the entrance there is a statue of rabbit.

Nagoya City Science Museum


Shirakawa Park Fountain


Nagoya City Art Museum

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