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i närheten av Karis, Etelä-Suomen Lääni (Suomen Tasavalta)

Park your car along the paved road - not in front of someones driveway! Dönsby only accessible by car for residents and B&B guests, as indicated by the traffic sign
... to keep the large gray grain-dryer building on your right hand side.
... not to walk straight into the private yard behind the spruce fence. Keep left here so that you still have the longish red outhouse also at your left hand side.
Several signs here pointing to the right, among others "Soldatholmen".
... so as not to enter the courtyard of the green house in front of you. Hereafter, just follow the gravel road through the forest. There are several side roads leading down to your left to houses by the lake, but stick to the main road.
... you pass a short (5 m) and steep section of the road that was paved ages ago.


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