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i närheten av Aringsås, Kronoberg (Ruoŧŧa)

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  • tobiaspocksteen 2017-feb-18

    Hi C-H.Ga!

    Nice work mapping it all out!

    How much of this (the full collection 1/3-3/3) is offroad?
    Have you ridden it? How much time did you spend?

    Thank you very much

  • C-H.Ga 2017-feb-20

    Hello Tobias,
    Thank you for your comment.
    None of the stretches are of road from Alvesta – Grebbestad and Grebbestad – Skotterud (Norway) – Arvika. This stretch I have ridden in both directions on two as well as four wheels. When you are reaching Grebbestad (from Alvesta) on two wheels, you can paraphrase The Beatles by saying “It´s been a hard days ride”.
    I have not ridden the rest of the routes, so there might be some unpaved smaller roads. I will do the whole trip (to Trysil in Norway), and then down south on the Swedish side.
    The main road Arvika – Argaeng – Bengtsfors – Uddevalla is a nice bike road for swift riding.
    On average – on the smaller roads you will end up on an average of approx. 50km/h.
    Very cordially

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